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A podcast of my interest and randomness and a lot of self-reflection/ self-help, for now, More to come! Enjoy! Peace'Easy

Creativity in Dance

This week I reflect on my dance and creativity. --- Support this podcast:
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A brief update on where I moved and why. --- Support this podcast:
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S2E6: Money Perspectives

In today's episode, I decide to talk about money and the perspectives of money growing up. What do you think? Is money important? Can Money buy happin...
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S2E5: What happened in 2020

Hey everyone! It's been a minute but in today's episode, I'll be reflecting on what happened in 2020. To do that I'll be going over an article made fr...
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S2E4: Jeanette Reyes

I'm still new to the podcast world and I'm grateful to have my sister as my first guest. If you guys have any advice or feedback you like to share, fe...
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