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A lively bi-monthly podcast exploring international emerging and established artists and art influencers. Hosted by British Art Historian, Art Advisor and Gallerist Juliet Rees-Nilsson, based in Scandinavia, who brings her open fresh approach to art and art collecting with great co-hosts and insightful conversations.

Hugh Chapman - In Conversation

This is the first in a two part series on sculpture and sculpture conservation and restoration.We are introducing British emerging sculptor Hugh Chapm...
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Niki Brantmark - In Conversation

A slight departure from the normal guests we invite on this episode of the podcast.  Rather than an artist or an art influencer, we are in conversatio...
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Tom Lohner - In Conversation

Tom Lohner's paintings are very much like the artist himself, bold, dynamic, entertaining and fearless. During a whirlwind art career over the la...
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Bea Sarrias - In Conversation

Spanish artist Bea Sarrias is obsessed with the architecture that surrounds her in her home city of Barcelona and the iconic international modernist a...
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Sara Dare - In Conversation

Exciting British abstract painter and installation artist Sara Dare is the guest on this episode of the podcast.Sara Dare typically works on a large-s...
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