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Nordic Food Lab Radio charts the influences behind the lab's work to investigate the edible potential of the Nordic region. Conversations, questions, and stories from the lab explore the role of taste in food diversity, ecology, sensory perception, and identity. We strive to bring you sound-rich stories that take you out to learn in the field and then combine those ideas in the kitchen. Featuring a range of content from short snacks to long meals, Nordic Food Lab Radio is about listening to the world with curiosity. And wondering: does it tastes good?


Ruminants chewing and re-chewing their cud has shaped human civilization. By grace of their unique four-chambered stomach and its microbiome, plant ma...
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Charisma and conservation

In this episode, we explore how non-human charisma colours the tension between deliciousness and conservation. Our main story takes us to the Danish i...
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The Old New Superfood

The chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus, in latin and Báhkkečátná in Sami language) that grows on birch trees has become a trendy 'superfood' in recent ...
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Sun, Wind and Pine Bark

The Sami are known as the people of the Sun and Wind; named for the elements that they harness to survive and thrive in a sometimes challenging enviro...
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Desert Eggs

The Thoughts in the Field series has brought us all over the world. In this last installment, the lab unearths one of Mexico's most sought after delic...
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Two White Flies

Roberto Flore and David Pedersen chat about their experiences and views on hunting. The chef and hunter talk about the perception of hunting in popula...
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A Not So Simple Staple

Jonas Astrup Pedersen combines three simple ingredients (flour, water, and salt) into an object of great gastronomic complexity: bread. We go back to ...
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The Proust Effect

Jonas reminisces about his days studying at Danish folk high school (højskole), and how reading Proust there shaped how he interacts with food today. ...
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