North Kent Community Church Sunday Sermons

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Here you'll find recordings of NKCC's Sunday sermons. Speakers include our church leaders, other members of NKCC and visiting speakers.

Close Encounters

Drawing on his own personal experiences, Dave Foggon talks about the importance of encounters with God and how they're invitations into a new way of l...
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Jesus vs Religion, Luke 20:9-19

Teaching from the parable of the tenants Dave Carter looks at why Jesus was so fiercely against legalistic religion, and how we are called to build ou...
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Armada 2

In our battle of light against darkness we need to put on our 'Armour of Light'. Pete Carter explores what this means.
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A strategic weapon being formed for Kingdom advance. Pete Carter teaches from 2 Kings 6:8-23 and helps us to understand some of the principles.
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Wisdom and Ambition

Pete Carter teaches from 1 Kings 3:4-28 and James 1 and 3. Heaven's wisdom releases heaven's resources, how can we channel our ambition to use this in...
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Luke 15

Kim Carter teaches that the Father desires to restore us to an intimate relationship with Him and for us to celebrate with Him when others are restore...
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Rejoice Always

Joaquin Evans encourages us to rejoice always. When it comes to God there are no experts, we don't measure our relationships by expertise but closenes...
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Jesus: The Good Samaritan

Jo Carter takes a fresh look at this well known story, a story of law and grace. She encourages us to know Jesus as our good Samaritan, who transforms...
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