Northern Nonsense

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Two friends try and find the funny side of life.

#10 - I'm Next

The journey continues as our duo receives terrible customer service, get a visit from their first "guest", and debate who's butthole is cleaner.
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The journey finally continues again as our duo finds out what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.
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#8 - Mozart's Bones

The journey continues slowly as the duo starts with a video game review and discuss the wonder of artesian wells and then quickly switch gears to swor...
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#7 - The Longer One

The journey continues as the duo choose between being stabbed or being shot... and then time travel is worked in there somehow. (Warning: Due to a hea...
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#6 - Outbreak

The journey continues with our duo acquiring new modes of transportation and traveling back in time to the Old West.
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#5: The Long One

The journey continues as our duo phones Garfield creator Jim Davis in hell while stealing an electric scooter.
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#3 - Rise of the Machines

The journey continues as the dynamic duo play the first game of ‘This or That’, attack their roommate with a samurai sword, and fight an armada of...
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#2 - Tangents

The journey continues as the dynamic duo have trouble starting the show & continue to have trouble staying on topic.
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