Northside Bible Church


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The sermons and message series of Pastor Stan Givens, senior pastor of Northside Bible Church in Mobile, AL.

The Struggle Is Real

How do you handle the personal struggles that arise in your life? Join us for a special message from Assistant Pastor Ryan Lantaff.
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Not Drunk, But Filled

What one verse in the New Testament helps us to obey all of the other instructions in the Scriptures? What verse, when ignored, keeps us from being ab...
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Take Courage

As a believer in Christ, do you have firm and unshakeable courage over the difficult circumstances and times in your life? Several times throughout th...
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Mission Matters And Axes

Your life can be filed with adventures and inexplicable events that point to God. Will you accept your calling, take the challenge, and begin a life o...
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Under Construction

What does the biblical restoration process look like? Join us as Assistant Pastor Ryan Lantaff guides us through the construction zone.
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Church Life

There are multiple images of The Church scattered throughout the New Testament. Today Pastor Stan takes us through three of the most important keys to...
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