Northwest Church of Christ Sermons


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This podcast features recent sermons preached at Northwest Church of Christ in Oklahoma City.

10 Years of Blessing (Audio)

Deuteronomy is an exercise of spiritual memory as Moses reminds Israel of all the things they have seen God do for them and in their presence. This sp...
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Year in Review (Audio)

Earlier this year we talked about the spiritual importance of remembering all has God done so we can praise him, give him thanks, and also see what he...
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It's a Wonderful Life (Audio)

During the Christmas season we talk a lot about how important the birth of Jesus really is, but what if Jesus had never been born? This sermon asks th...
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God In Us (Audio)

When Mary became pregnant, Joseph was told by an angel that the child would be known as Immanuel, which means "God with us." When it came time for Jes...
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God on Earth (Audio)

The Old Testament has several crises that keep coming up over and over again and they revolve around the questions: Can God dwell among His people (wi...
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A Fruit Called Gentleness (Audio)

Gentleness is not weakness and it is not the opposite of strength. Gentleness is when God chooses to not respond harshly or by rejecting us when that ...
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A Fruit Called Goodness (Audio)

Often we use the word "good" to mean something between okay and great. But when we talk about the fruit of goodness the Spirit grows in us, coming fro...
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A Fruit Called Forbearance (Audio)

The spiritual fruit of patience or forbearance gives us an incredible ability to maintain relationships and bear with people who are often very diffic...
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