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Former WJFK & Real Radio 104.1 talk personalities adjusting to life outside of the radio world… on a podcast!

154 – He’s Our Pike Place

Tommy is missing! The open kitchen concept is disgusting Allison and Alex recap the horrors of living in Manassas, VA Alex killed off Burt Reynolds Al...
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153 – Pukey Brewster

WARNING, this show is sick. Honestly, Alex made a huge mistake by eating at Amphora and gets sick on the air. Allison is experimenting with spider ven...
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152 – Hang Her and Bang Her

Allison reviews the harrowing tale of getting her first Brazilian wax. You COULD call this segment a review of sorts… you could also call it something...
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151 – Candle in the Hoo Haw

The show is back with a new studio set up… Alex gets mad that fitness model LaurenJFit compliments Tommy James Felix Raw takes the best model photos A...
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150 – Penis Mouth

Uncle Vinny opens the show, talking about Alex’s wedding Alex is going to be on Tom and Dan 90’s talk including favorite sitcoms, songs, and trends To...
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149 – Nude Awakening

Great Comedians As Tommy & Alex are (or were, as this is a time warping episode) going to see Kate Quigley at the DC Improv, they take the time to del...
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146 – Thanks For The Memories

Wedding Recap The wedding actually happened. Tommy fills us in on all the details. You’ll get to hear what embarrassing incident happened with their r...
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145 – Bust A MoveMent

His Name Is Alex We are back after a bit of a break. The NDY crew starts off a bit solemn, as they found out one of their favorite podcasts, Talking N...
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