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We're Not Robots, an Improv Comedy Podcast and Youtube channel. We can be found on; Spotify, Breaker, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, and many more. We release weekly Podcasts and a Youtube video that shows our podcast recording and outtakes. The hosts Harry and Pete, who are from completely different walks of life, start their show with nothing more than a question and a pair of microphones and end the show with true hilarity. No politics. All real improv comedy. All Humans. Not Robots. Support this podcast:

The Cullinary Experience

S3E6 - Would you eat a whole Alligator covered in Bacon? What about Rattlesnake Jerkey? How about Iguana Popcicles? As always, if you have any questio...
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The Liftinator

S3E5 - GET TO THA CHOPPA! Or get to the gym, something like that, but THE Arnold showed up at the gym! We talk about that and Pete's house hunting esc...
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Exploding Bowling Ball

S3E4 - This time we talk about fireworks... more or less... sorta kinda... in a wibbly wobbly timey wimy sort of way. Oh yeah, and we might want to sh...
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Theyre Coming For Us

S3E3 - This time we poke fun at the Hollyweird Movie Boardrooms and their movie ideas, and we kinda pick on everyone, so wish us luck that we're not T...
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The Housing Prisis

S3E2 - Crisis? Prices! This time we talk about how $%^&* expensive houses are getting and how hard it is to buy one! As always, if you have any questi...
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Season3 Return of the Podcast

S3E1 - The Casting of the Pod RETURNS!!! with a quick recap of past seasonings!  As always, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or  complai...
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SEASON FINALE Operation Beer

S2E26  - THE SEASON 2 FINALE! In this over-sized episode, we drink beer, get drunk, and then try playing the classic board game "Operation"  As always...
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Secret life of GNOMES

S2E25 - Are these little people who really just stone in your garden, or are they hiding in plain sight... a life... of secrecy!  As always, if you ha...
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Not Thanksgiving 2

S2E24 - Our Thanksgiving Anniversary Not-So-Special! The 2nd one! As always, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or  complaints  about anyt...
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Whats in your Fridge

S2E23 - We got asked what is the strangest thing in our refrigerators... question answered!  As always, if you have any questions, concerns, comments,...
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