Notcho Friends

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You ever see a group of people and one of them is walking around wearing or doing something they absolutely shouldn't. Well, we're those friends that didn't tell you and let you act a fool. We're... Notcho Friends! Support this podcast:

This is Likely a Scam

On this week's episode...  Major is waiting on headphones... HHG has been serving hard time... and JayDukes diagnoses your health problems and more! O...
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MajorLinux and Jimmy just sit down and have a conversation. --- Support this podcast:
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The Last Tip Drill

On this week's episode...  Major is eating dinner... HHG has some stories to tell... and JayDukes doesn't know where to move a piano! Of course, you c...
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Are You the Corn Flakes, Marcus!?

On this week's episode...  Major is closing his doors to the public... HHG is giving us a Spanish lesson... and JayDukes is informing us of our rights...
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A New Coat of Paint

On this week's episode...  Major is dabbling in Photoshop HHG is trying to finish her homework... and JayDukes is about to get replaced! Of course, yo...
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Corona Coochie Covered Drawls

On this week's episode...  Major is waste deep in poop HHG is making all kinds of deals... and JayDukes is putting in THAT WORK! Of course, you can al...
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NotchoZoom Conference

On this week's episode...  Major still isn't going anywhere... HHG is starting her TikTok empire... and JayDukes has finally justified his Fallout obs...
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Pandemic Check In Part 2

Jimmy and Major are still here while Kat's taking care of her family! Hope you all are doing well! Remember, stay inside and wash your hands! --- Supp...
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Pandemic Check In

What's good?! Just wanted to let you all know we're all still here. Had some technical difficulties which is why there wasn't a live show for a while....
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