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Nuggets is a digital product podcast brought to you from Jason Thorarinsson, Steve Pearce and Chris Honan at Sidekick Digital.

9 - Finding more time

The team talk about how to swap unproductive habits for ones that boost you in life or business. Steve shares his thoughts on how this connects with s...
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8 - Validate your idea

From market fit to product features, don’t burn your time and money on rubbish that nobody wants. Also featuring Microsoft product launch, Facebook’s ...
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7 - Musk's got a tingle

The team discuss how fear of failure, how it can affect creators and companies alike, and how to overcome it. We explore a world of ambient voice tech...
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6 - We found Chris Do's BAG

The team break down lessons on moving from a service to a product agency model; scaling fast through hiring and company values; client acquisition thr...
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5 - Lively on LinkedIn

After charging headlong through some of the best books for expanding your creative cache or running effective workshops/meetings, we take time to cove...
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4 - Steal like an artist

This week, Stephen Pearce, Chris Honan and Jason Thorarinsson come back to the podcast after a long break! We discuss theft, both blunt and creative. ...
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3 - Native or Web for mobile apps

This week, Jason and Steve talk about Native or Web and why it's important when building a product to make the right decision. You can use both native...
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2 - Dark Patterns

This week, Steve and Jason discuss Dark Patterns. We talk about what they are, how they hurt both the user and brand and why we should thing long term...
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1 - Notifications

This week, Jason and Steve discuss Notifications and how annoying for the user they can truly be. What's the problem with them and how could we improv...
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0 - Introduction

Welcome to Nuggets. Nuggets is a podcast by Jason Thorarinsson and Stephen Pearce, from Sidekick Digital. Each week, we're going to be bringing you bi...
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