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Nunukangal is a Tamil podcast where life experiences and learnings are shared!

ep.18 avugaluku coronavaam

 what should you do if you got corona? how is your health? how much is your temperature? are you taking tablets regularly? are you drinking wa...

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Are you creative enough? does creativity really matter? where do you go wrong while exhibiting your creation? thousands of doubts may arise when yo...

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ep.16 pagirum mun yoosi

Pagrium Munn Yoosi is about one of the common mistake that most of us tend to do without knowing its importance or value. Not blami...

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Ep.15 Mukiyamana Paechutha

A relaxed conversation with family on a serious topic is always fun filling and informative. The whole world stands under a huge question mark on C...

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EP.14 En Ammavukaga

En ammavukaga is a special fun episode filled with little details, little lessons, little realization but more fun & love.

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Ep.13 thalarathae

Demotivation- the one which pushes you to quit, quit something that you worked on day and night. Makes you tired. Tired of all the work you have made ...
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ep.11 Yenna panirupaaaga

This 21 days lock down got me into lot of thinking but the first thing that came into my mind is, is it possible to engage ourselves without techno...

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Ep.11 Breakah Poduuu

Fraustrated? Irritated? But no reason.. Same pinch :D listen further and know the answer. Breakah podu and just kellu
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Kaadhula Potukaadha

There is some point where you are about to give up all your efforts just because some one called your work as "not worthy" or "you don't fit in her...

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