Obsessed By Music

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Obsessed by Music is a podcast where Rob Esse presents monologues and conversations about an obsession - the obsession is music. You will hear artist, album and song recommendations, interviews with musicians, and the inner thoughts of a music obsessive who was once personally invited by Prince for a night out on the town in New York!

An Eye Mask For Music?

Have you ever worn an eye mask? OK, how about putting on an eye mask before listening to an album? In this episode I share an experience I had doing e...
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An Invitation For Bob Dylan

An invitation for Bob to join me for an episode of the OBM Podcast. The answer my friends, is currently blowing in the wind ;)  In celebration of the ...
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Remember Instrumental Music?

Do you remember instrumental music? Do you need to? These are a couple of questions I pose when it comes to listening to music that doesn't have vocal...
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New Father, Old Music!

After recently becoming a father, I talk about the music we are now listening to with a baby in the room and the impact of older music on a pair of br...
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