Officiating Oklahoma

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Stories from officiating, training, and the crazy stuff in the world of sports. I'll also discuss controversy and bring on guests. Support this podcast:

More Things We Hear

This week I'll be discussing some of the more things we hear as far as coaches and the arguments they present and the things that make you wonder how ...
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Issues Early in the Year

I'll talk about the issues we've had from early season games and why they happen. --- Support this podcast:
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Baseball Myths and Bull Crap

I'll be talking about a few of the myths in baseball and the bull crap you hear from the bleachers and coaches. OfficiatingOK Facebook Twitter Anchor ...
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How to Keep the New Ones

I’ll talk about keeping new officials and what we can do. --- Support this podcast:
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Why are Numbers Down?

I’ll talk about the three main reasons why game officials are quitting and the new ones aren’t staying. --- Support this podcast:
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