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Three Ohio natives (Jason, Jacob, and Jeff) are the hosts of Ohio Huntsman. They are three brothers who were brought up primarily hunting the public lands of the Wayne National Forest with their Dad. So be sure to tune in as they discuss all things related to hunting in Ohio, with an emphasis on providing quality information to fellow hunters that love and enjoy all that the outdoors in Ohio have to offer.

Deer Diaries with Mike Rex

This week, we are talking the update to the 2022 spring turkey season, upcoming seasons, Muskies and more.  Hunting in a thunderstorm? Corey’s still b...
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Early Season Hunt Recap

This week on Episode 1 of the O2 podcast, the crew got together just to give a quick run down of the Ohio Outdoors.  Learn about Paul’s obsession with...
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Ohio Outdoors Introduction

Welcome to the O2 podcast, THE podcast for all of Ohio’s outdoor news and information.  Join Corey, Paul, and Andrew on the journey of podcasting abou...
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Goodbye Friends

This is our final episode.  We have enjoyed the journey and have been amazed by all the kind words and the number of people that have reached out to l...
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Where Are The Deer?

This week on the show we talked about where to find the deer when they are not where you expected them to be.  We talk about common mistakes hunters m...
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Duck Stamp Artwork

This week on the Ohio Huntsman Podcast we discuss the recent changes related to the artwork for the federal duck stamp.  The federal duck stamp has pr...
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All Good Things Come To An End

This week on the show we announce to our listeners that we have decided to bring an end to the podcast.  This journey has been a very rewarding experi...
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Trail Camera Tips

This week on the Ohio Huntsman Podcast we discuss trail camera tips.  Trail cameras have become a favorite part of most hunters' tools kits but how do...
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