Old Awful Food

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Hosts Emily Duncan and Sarah Sabala take a crack at your grandmother's recipes from those cookbooks in the back of the pantry.Trying old favorites like Steak Diane to things you wish you never heard of like Chopstick Tuna. In short, this IS your grandmother's cooking.

8-No Microwaves Allowed

In our (VERY) late pre-Thanksgiving episode, we tackle some unconventional candy. While waiting for stiff peaks, listen to our opinions on microwaves,...
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7-Awfuler Than Ever

Returning after a brief hiatus, we're back with a recipe thats great for a family of 12. We break out some bologna and cream of celery to give you a h...
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6-Ducks are Rapists

In this episode ham gets shaped into cups, and Sarah wants everyone to know that ducks are rapists. Click the play button to find out what her thought...
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5-We Made Coffee

In the fifth episode we try to make breakfast...we sort of succeeded. See title. 
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4-A Gentleman Caller

In this episode we plan a meal for a potential husband using eggplant and tuna. We're pretty sure they're aphrodisiacs.
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3-Brilliant and Gay

In our New Years Celebration we tackle way too much celery and overdone lobster, in other words, a meal fit for a President.
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2-Luau For Two

In our second episode, we give one of those old church contribution cookbooks a spin with "Chicken Surprise". The surprise? An unconfirmed pineapple a...
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