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Come Listen To the Squad, Josh Willis, Jasper Glass, Rodney Johnson, and Malik Dunkley as We talk about all types things from sports to anime to Current Media and all kinds of other things. Its The Podcast that you didnt know you wanted. Support this podcast:

Talks with the squad

Come listen to our 3rd podcast with our special guest Calvin Brice. Yall know we always bring that good content. --- This episode is sponsored by · An...
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Tipsy Thoughts?

Come listen as we talk about the things that plague our drunken minds. From Ayesha Curry to the Spider Man Franchise . --- This episode is sponsored b...
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Ep1: Basketball and Samurai's

Check out our new podcast series where we talk about all sorts of things. It's the podcast for the Every Man, Otakus, and the aliens ? --- This episod...
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