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Join this group of millennials for their weekly podcast as they discuss current events, politics, pop culture and more from the perspective of being black in America.

Episode 18:

The team interviews 4 ward councilman Alomar Davenport in regards to the future of a black landmark in Mansfield, OH. Also we hold a discussion in reg...
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Episode 16: Black Politicians

Are we too hard on black politicians ? With the local elections being today ..The team discusses whether or not we are too hard on black politicians ....
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Episode 14: Plea Deals

The team discusses plea deals for jail sentencing & how it is unfair to give a person more time if they choose to go to trial. Based off recent local ...
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Episode 11: Snitch9ine

The team discusses who is to be held accountable for the actions of rapper 6ix9ine & why the Nine Trey Bloods are not victims ...
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Episode 10: Interracial Dating

The team discusses interracial dating & if it is a form of controlling the black population, also if you can be pro black and date outside of your rac...
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