On Your Tabs

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Your tabs have a lot of stuff on them, things about the world, a lot of random weirdness, stuff about your life, and just a lot of stuff to chat about. For me a tab is a thought, and this podcast is about thoughts and what's going on in life and on my mind. This podcast just talks about what's happening in the world and what's on your tabs!

Life, Episode 2

There are people who scam other people, there is a lot of stress that happens in life, there is black Friday sales and there is more. Why do people sc...
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Life, Episode 1

There was some image spreading, some awesome music, some scammers and much more! Scammers annoy me a lot, some of my decent friends have gotten scamme...
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What is death?

I've always been fascinated by death and what it means. It's been on my tabs for a while and going on a trip to Ypres recently opened my eyes to what ...
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Overall stress

I just talk about stress and what it does, stress gets to so many people in so many ways and it's become a major thing in all our lives now. Is there ...
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