One Star

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Nolan Cooney and Jack Gell read google reviews and laugh at them

Insights into Reviews

Nolan and Jack talk about plans for the new One Star studio based on some revolutionary podcasters. We also discuss the origin of the phrase Lukewarm ...
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Wake Wins It! (feat. Becca)

Becca joins us and we talk about the wackiest tech fails ever! On top of that we look at Ed Gross and even drop a special piece of information about N...
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Cafe 43

We're back and better than ever. We had a little pow-wow in the beginning of the episode about college football and then talked about Yahtzee. We then...
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The Mid 2000s Episode

Jack and Nolan coming hot and heavy with some really good laughs on this one that everyone is going to enjoy. We talk music, sports, TV whatever you w...
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Jack‘s House of Mouse

Jack and Nolan are back after taking a week off and boy do we have some HEAT for you the listener! We talk about music, the president, my current mous...
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Two Bored Gamers

Nolan and Jack get into it on this one and we talk about stuff you've all been requesting. That's right, we discuss the origins of Phillips Norelco fo...
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Only in America

Nolan and Jack talk about some really wacky stuff on this episode, and yeah I'm talking about eating poop! We look at the smallest town in the US's ba...
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Thank You Kevin

Nolan and Jack on this one and we talk about all the recent news this week and our new sponsor Raid bug spray. We also talk reviews on places like a s...
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Dork StarFaux298

Just Nolan and Jack on this one and oh boy do we talk about stuff that I remember. We talked about the olympics, the new jeopardy host and some other ...
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