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Positive Vibes Only, bringing a new perspective to the social universe! Wanting to help get as many life stories and fun topics out to the world! Love everyone!

Space Jam New Legacy Fun Take

Just a short 10 min review of the new movie Space Jam: New Legacy! I had a quick 10 min to go over my thoughts without spoiling to much! Hope you enjo...
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Quick Positive Take

If you enjoy the podcast please share! Y’all this one was a heater (literally). I decided to do my podcast in my car after a workout! Car was off pers...
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Let Me Explain.

Hey to all my Good Vibes People! This episode was a way for me to reach some of my closest friends and family! I wanted to reach out and explain what ...
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Changes! Be Better Than Yesterday!

Don’t stress about something that hasn’t happened! I was consistent and still no where near my goal! That being said the consistency that I was missin...
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Hey Good Vibes Crew! I hope your day is going great! Thanks for checking out today’s episode! It’s just a quick little check in session! Let’s get bet...
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Saturday Night Thoughts!

This one may rub a few the wrong way. My podcast has always been a place for my thoughts to be heard by others. No matter how some may take it. That’s...
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Self Awareness and Loss

Hey guys and gals! Thank you for listening to my podcast! Today was a short one that was another mind rant! I will admit it’s nice sometimes to not fo...
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I’m Back!! Sports Talk!!

Just a quick episode. I wanted to get the ball rolling and the only way to do that was by jumping in! I missed creating and getting an opportunity to ...
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Lets Discuss Aaron Hernandez!

Hey listeners!  Thank you as always for checking out The Only Good Vibes Est. 1993 Podcast. Today I finished the Netflix Documentary Killer Inside: Th...
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