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Open Court is a podcast that dives into the game of basketball as well as the culture that surrounds the game. Support this podcast:

Episode 010: Free Agency Day 1

As new information keeps coming in, Shane breaks down moves big and small and tries to make sense of the remaining free agent landscape going forward....
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Episode 009: FA Primer 2019

An in depth breakdown of the top & middle tier free agents on the market for when free agency opens on June 30th at 6 PM EST. Grab your popcorn, it's ...
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Episode 007: AD Trade Recap

Shane drops by to break down the official start of free agency as Anthony Davis is making his way over to the Lakers to join Lebron James, along with ...
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Episode 006: GM 5 MicroPod

Shane is back at it again breaking down all things Game 5: Durant's injury, the Warriors' grit, as well as projecting what each team needs to keep doi...
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Episode 005: GM 4 MicroPod

Shane is dropping by to give his quick thoughts on the state of the NBA Finals after the Raptors take a commanding 3-1 lead. --- This episode is spons...
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Episode 004: Jackson Frank

Shane is joined by Jackson Frank to chat about the Rockets putting everyone on the trading block (1:35), everything NBA draft related (15:14), and a s...
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Episode 003: Richard Ivanowski

Shane Wood and Richard Ivanowski break down the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery (:32), top-tier free agents as well as some mid-tier off-season free agent targ...
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Episode 002:

Open Court Co-Founders Shane Wood and Corbin Gingrich break down second round NBA Playoff action from April 30th, 2019 (:48)  and take a look into the...
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