Operation 513 - The Appointed Time

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The monthly gospel ministry of Operation 513

Episode 12 - How to Have Peace

Everywhere we look mankind is searching for peace, television, radio, internet and many thousands of books all promise us inner peace, yet, none of th...
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Episode 11 - Does God Exist?

The question of 'Does God Exist?' has probably entered your mind at least some stage in your life. Are there good reasons to believe in God, or is jus...
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Episode 10 - The Enemy

Often times when we have someone do something against us we will hold a grudge, and become angry and bitter towards that person. Very rarely will it c...
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Episode 9 - Are you Ready?

The Return of Jesus Christ is a topic that is often mocked and ridculed. Hollywood portrays those who believe in Christ coming back as crazy's who run...
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Episode 8 - Unity

People often want to be 'one' with each other, and also to be united with God, but often times we fail to realise that before we can have perfect unit...
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Episode 6 - The Way to Heaven

Are there many roads that lead to Heaven? How does one get there? Can we get to Heaven by our good works? Or by being moral? Or perhaps, by going to c...
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