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Inside the Dark Art of American Politics

A Customer

In the season finale of OPPO FILE, we solve a mystery: Who set in motion the oppo research into Geraldine Ferraro’s family finances? Host Joseph Rodot...
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A Tiger by the Tail

On July 12, 1984, Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale made history when he named Representative Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate. The ...
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Oppo research nearly ended Vice President Mike Pence’s political career before it began. Host Joseph Rodota interviews author and journalist Craig Fer...
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The Weirdness Factor

Opposition research isn’t just a tool for understanding your opponent. It’s also a tool for understanding yourself.Host Joseph Rodota interviews Chris...
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Cheap Shots

Why do some campaigns wait for just the right moment to unveil their opposition research, while others decide to dump it all at once?Host Joseph Rodot...
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Bonus Episode: Gary Maloney

Gary Maloney was the first GOP opposition researcher to dig into the record of a rising star in Illinois politics, a young man named Barack Obama. In ...
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A Million Questions

Heading into Labor Day weekend, host Joseph Rodota recaps the 2020 Democratic and Republican conventions. GOP oppo researcher Gary Maloney and press a...
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Bonus Episode: Tom Rosenstiel

In 1988, George H.W. Bush overcame a 17-point deficit in the polls and won the election. In this bonus episode, journalist and author Tom Rosenstiel l...
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The Spider's Web

Is oppo research stranger than fiction? Who killed Dr. Death? Joseph Rodota interviews author and journalist Tom Rosenstiel; speechwriter, business co...
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Bonus Episode: Sonia Van Meter

Host Joseph Rodota interviews Sonia Van Meter, the managing partner of Stanford Campaigns, a Democratic opposition research firm based in Austin, TX. ...
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