Orange Bowl Boys

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Three longtime friends hangout each week. We use the Miami Hurricanes as our excuse for this podcast but we talk about everything...

Season Four Tease

What's up Cane Fam? The boys are coming back with new episodes and new merch! 6 weeks until we 'Buck Fama'! LFG!
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OBB Ep: 120 The Tailgate

It's been a few months...It's been another active off season for Manny and the team. Our thoughts as we are 45 days out from Alabama...wait, we are? G...
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OBB Ep: 119 The Pipe

Spring Ball Continues, We Pay Respect to the The Pipe and a rather BIG announcement about the future of this cute little podcast.
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OBB Ep: 71 Luca's Our Hero

We talked more spring ball...focused on the RB situation. Then we welcomed Ryan Raskin, #LucaToTheU's dad. Here is the GoFundMe link:
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OBB Ep: 117 LucaToTheU

For our Hero! #LucaToTheUWe broke down the first 2 days of spring ball. Toast ate a weed brownie and got stuff wrong...or did he?
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OBB Ep: 115 Censored

We were joined by the legendary Billy Corben! We talked about his career, our beloved Miami Hurricanes and even found out what his dream project is (m...
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