Otter Scrubber

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Episode #4 Wetland (part two)

Episode #4: More WetlandMaybe this is working now?Wow. We got part two up before August. . . . D'Oh! Sorry about the long delay. In any event, here's ...
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Episode #3 Wetland

Episode #3: WetlandGeese and Thrushes and Egrets and Frogs. Our trip to a nearby wetland.Music in the ep:Swiss Quality People - Noen
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Episode #2 Elephants

Episode #2: ElephantsIt's all about elephants this time. Except for the bit with the cardinals.Music in the ep:Swinging London - Retail
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Episode #1 Baby Panda

Episode #1: Baby Panda.In the first episode, we'll visit Tai Shan, the baby panda at the National Zoo. More are in the can and ready to be published i...
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