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Stories of first dates, first kisses, and the years of love and friendship that follow. Meet Cute, Stay Cute!

Jaquie & Tyler

Jaquie and Tyler tell the OS Girls how real life can be more interesting than what you can find on TV.   -- Follow us on Instagram at @podcastourstory...
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Rosé Afterthoughts - Kelly & Alex

The Our Story Girls share what they learned from Kelly & Alex. -- Follow us on Instagram at @podcastourstory or send us an email at podcastourstory@gm...
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Kelly & Alex

Kelly & Alex show the OS girls that sometimes to be with the right person you have to wait for the perfect timing.  -- Follow us on Instagram at @podc...
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Jeff & Shirley

Jeff & Shirley teach the OS girls how constant respect, admiration, and being with someone who makes you the best version of yourself, can end up with...
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Josh & Eleanor

Josh and Eleanor tell the OS Girls that you can meet your true love when you aren't even looking for it. -- Follow us on Instagram at @podcastourstory...
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Kerry & Sir Dwight

Kerry and Dwight regale the many years the universe conspired to bring them to where they are now...together. -- Follow us on Instagram at @podcastour...
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