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Welcome to your digital version of grabbing coffee with a good friend. In this podcast, Hilary Walker leads conversations with the guests of her blog on topics such as creative work, personal style, daily habits, work/life balance, girlboss-ness, momboss-ness and generally all the cool lady stuff we’re eager to learn from each other. Tune in bi-weekly for new episodes, including personal musings from Hilary on life as a freelance prop stylist, wife and mother. And visit ourstylestories.com for the photographic stories that accompany each episode.

How I Survive the Work Week

For all of you wondering how I make things work behind-the-scenes of my blog and Instagram feed... this is it. The tell-(almost)-all of how David and ...
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Lessons + a Poem for 2017

When I look back on 2016, a lot has happened. Much has baffled and disappointed me. But I've learned a lot and met some fantastic people along the way...
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What Is Personal Style, Anyways?

Today's episode is courtesy of years worth of pondering on the subject of personal style. What it represents... how it's developed... where it comes f...
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