Over Beers

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Over Beers is a Podcast focusing on conversations with craft beer industry professionals to give craft beer enthusiasts an insight in to their world.  Geared toward people who may be new to craft beer, the goal of the conversations is to find out what set them on their path in craft beer, what inspires their work and how they see the future of their careers and the industry.

Over Beers - Devils Creek Brewery

I sat down with Kathy Ganser of Devils Creek Brewery in Collingswood New Jersey. They’ve been brewing up great beer for three years now, in fact their...
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Over Beers - Two Ton Brewing

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Barbiere, head brewer of Two Ton Brewing in Kenilworth New Jersey. We met in their downstairs “speakeasy” t...
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Over Beers - Rich Wagner

I knew that there was a rich history of brewing in the Northeast but I had no idea just how rich it was. During his talk Rich Wagner mentioned that he...
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