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Overinformed is a series that explores the aspects of life you are probably already thinking about. Each episode will examine and reflect on one aspect of life, and let the story go from there. At the end of each audio journey, perhaps you might be left with a little more understanding about the world today. This series explores the factors and fascinations of the Millennial generation. Overinformed will look back and out to the horizon for where we are going and how the world has changed.

6: What is happening to sex?

Can we talk about this? Great. There is a lot going on.  Women around the world who have been sexually harassed are speaking out about what happened t...
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4: Where is my home?

Oh I should have had a regular income by now?  Oh I should be thinking about a mortgage right now?  Oh the rent's gone up again?  Oh wasn't this all s...
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2: What is political correctness?

Political Correctness is like trying to squeeze room-temperature butter with plastic yellow kitchen gloves. Its much harder to get a grasp on than you...
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1: What choice do I have?

As a 20/30 year old, you can become many things. These are considered the decades in a persons' life where you define yourself and the rest of your li...
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