Palm Trees ‘n Tea


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A podcast where we discuss topics from spirituality to relationships to music. Let’s meditate , sip some tea, and vibe.

Shadow Meditation #245

Observe, breathe, release, repeat. Seeing and feeling how simple it can be to create a shift in our energy and our life. Join me for a short card pull...
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I Saw the Signs! #33

Signs are great little roadmarks along our journey. This podcast gives brief details on signs, how to interpret them, etc. Site: Donati...
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2020 12-Month Vision #4444

A 12-month breakdown of the year! I give a bit more detail on the first few months than the last few BUT the future is always subject to change. So I'...
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Some Kundalini Basics #777

A little card pull to get us started and then some basic info on Kundalini. I also share a short story on my experience with Kundalini and it's transf...
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Thoughts Create Reality #888

Join me for a little card pull and some tea! Today we're talking about creating our reality. What often makes hinders our blessings and what can help ...
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Money Manifestation Tips! #56 (11)

This week I’m dropping some tips on manifesting your most abundant life. Know that these tips can be used for manifesting ANYTHING. You are abundant, ...
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Let’s Talk Crystals! #212

All the answers to the crystal questions you guys have asked me in ONE EPISODE! Oh! By the way! Each episode has an universal number associated. This ...
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