Pants Optional

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Dad’s talking life, sports, family and everything in between.

Episode 54 - Pants Optional Picks

The guys are back with a fresh episode and an all new segment. They put their picks in for this weeks college football and NFL action. Remember they'r...
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Episode 53 - Fermented Farts

It's been a little over a month since last hearing from the guys. They had a lot to catch up on. Cib's dabbling in the fermented foods, Mike's setting...
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Episode - 52 - Sumps Sense

The guys are finally back together for a summer episode. Sump is primed and ready after his round of golf. The guys talk about vacations, Cib's birthd...
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Episode 51- The Summer Intern

The guys are finally back and they've "hired" their summer intern, AKA Connor Gholson.  They talk dog shows, predators on the farm, Newtonfest kicks o...
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Episode - 50 Weed Control

The full crew is back for episode 50, although there was a late arrival. The guys discuss weed control, coaching little league, and Sumps close call w...
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Episode 48 - Connor Gholson

Former Newton great and Drake Bulldog, Connor Gholson joins the cast for some great conversation. He talks about his time while at Newton, some of the...
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Episode 47 - 78 Percent

It's a packed studio for episode 47. Sump and Mike are back and they've brought a guest. Shaun Shaffer, Newton's newest realtor breaks down his new ve...
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Episode 46 - Just the Two of us

Carl and Cib find themselves in the studio all by themselves. It's a little more mellow in the studio for this one, but still plenty of laughs and gre...
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Episode 45 - He's Back

It's been almost one year since we've heard the low smooth voice of Jsump, this is the episode he finally returns. He doesn't get off too easy in this...
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