Parks Are Zoos For Trees


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Truth Seeker & Jester. A Truth Seeker observes without Judgment. In ancient times, Jesters were the ones that told Kings the truth in a humorous way. Shout out to Yu Sze, jester of emperor Shih Huang-Ti. Yu saved the lives of thousands laborers with humor!! There is an axiomatic difference between today's comedians and clowns and yesterday's Jester. Comedians and clowns often make fun of themselves. They are the crazy ones. Jesters spoke truth to power. To Jesters, the world is crazy and they highlight the world's absurdity through humor!! Many familiar topics will be discussed in an entirely new way. You can also call in with your own topics. PS: This Jester is also super handsome : )

Your Cells Are Speaking

The Secret is that there is no secret. All is revelation! Today's podcast focuses on cell signaling, revelation & truth. Allow yourself to understand ...
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Selfish Dog Owners

A dog's fulfillment is my #1 priority. This is why I am excited by teaching skills and sports to dogs. I am equally excited to learn more about them m...
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The Children of Terrorists!!!

Have you ever thought about the children of terrorists? Some refer to their parents as "monsters" However, weren't those "monsters" once children too?...
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