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Sermon Text: Mark 7:1-23 Sermon Outline: 1. Hearts far from God tend toward hypocrisy. 2. Hearts far from God desire to make void the Word of God. 3. ...
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Sermon Text: Mark 6:53-56 Sermon Outline: 1. Those who know Jesus urgently bring others to Him. 2. Jesus saves all who come to Him in faith.
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Sermon Text: Mark 6:45-52 Outline: 1. Jesus sees my struggling and moves to help 2. Jesus helps by revealing His glory 3. Even in my failure to trust ...
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Lost, Found, Rejoice

Sermon Text - Luke 15:1-32 Sermon Outline: 1. The Caring Shepherd 2. The Searching Woman 3. The Gracious Father 4. Three Responses A. Look at your Hea...
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Sermon Text: Mark 6:30-44 Sermon Outline: 1. Jesus is Yahweh, the good shepherd. 2. As His disciple, I am His hands and feet. 3. Jesus does not call m...
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Sermon Text: Mark 6:7-30 Sermon Outline: 1. The disciple’s mission is to follow Christ in His work. 2. The disciple’s mission entails following Christ...
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Sermon Text: Mark 6:1-6 Sermon Outline: 1. Unbelief is prideful 2. Unbelief is unreasonable 3. Unbelief is devastating
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The Word of Life

Sermon Text: 1 John 1:1-7 Sermon Outline: 1. The Foundation of Our Faith Is the WORD OF LIFE 1.1. The Word of Life AFFIRMED 1.2. The Word of Life REVE...
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Faithful Christianity on Display

Sermon Text: Acts 25:1-26:32 Sermon Outline: 1. Display Faithful Christianity under Government Authority 2. Display Faithful Christianity through Glob...
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