Pencils Down

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Pencils Down: The silly podcast from two friends who make each other laugh

May We Introduce Ourselves?

You know that Cyril does the intro to the show every episode, but why doesn’t Jenny get involved? Sit back for several minutes and get the answer to t...
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What is Jenny Blowing?

Jenny really likes giraffes. Cyril really likes talking. Jenny has no idea what Cyril is talking about because she’s busy with giraffes. Find out what...
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Who is Cyril Stalking?

Does Cyril seem like a guy who would stalk somebody? Well, believe it or not, he may actually be stalking himself. Everything he says can and will be ...
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What Game Should Cyril Play?

Yes, we’re still recording podcasts. Yes, we’re still talking about sports. Yes, we’re talking about video games … wait, what?!?!?
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What Does Jenny Know About Sports?

Oh no! We’re back for season 5 of Pencils Down! Somehow, we end up talking about sports, and we get serious for about 10 seconds. Were we serious abou...
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Who is in Our Listening Group?

Well, if you’re listening to this episode, then you’re in our listening group! We have a listening group, also known as an audience! Let’s go to Taco ...
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What is Starburst?

For some reason, Jenny and Cyril talk about the composition of Starburst, even though they don’t have any Starburst. What else do they talk about that...
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