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The PG & Friends podcast is a conversation-based show hosted by Alan Peralta featuring creatives working in the realms of music, fine art, illustration, design, performance, education and much more.

Episode 18: Max Jew

Max is a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he is pursuing a BFA degree in painting. I've known him for years, but have never...
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Episode 17: Thomas Macie

Thomas Macie is an artist based in Long Beach, CA. He is set to graduate this spring with a BFA in printmaking from CSULB.  Thomas runs an independent...
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Episode 14: Jackie Valadez

Jackie used to be a roommate of mine. She received her BFA from MIAD in 2019.  I would direct you to her work, but she constantly deletes her Instagra...
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Episode 13: Héctor Peralta

Héctor Peralta is a 3rd-year PhD Student in the Yale American Studies Program.  We talk about what he's up to in his research, how he's navigating aca...
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Episode 11: Randy Brown

Randy Brown is an artist and curator from Milwaukee, WI. We talk about his upbringing, schooling, and experience running a gallery. If you enjoy tange...
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Episode 10: Amanda Huff

Amanda Huff is a Milwaukee-based musician and MIAD Alum (class of 2014). We talk about her experience attending art school and how it has influenced t...
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Episode 9: Teena Wilder

Teena Wilder is a MIAD Fine Arts Major (Class of 2020). We talk about her work, what has influenced her up to this point in her life, her experience a...
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