Physician Assistant Exam Review

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We review core medical knowledge on a continuous basis for the physician assistant preparing for the PANRE.

Dominate Medicine 004

Everyone else talks about what to learn. Here we talk about how to learn. An Important lesson I learned from my college physicis professor about learn...
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Dominate Medicine 003

What your schools do for you and what they don’t do for you. WW II general known for winning at all costs gives his ideas on how to win. The post Domi...
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Things you’ve already got

We’re covering the things you can work with and how to use them to your advantage. The post Things you’ve already got appeared first on Physician Assi...
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New Year New Show

I’ve been thinking for a while about changing the format of the PAER Podcast. I want to give you what you want, but also make sure I cover what’s goin...
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S2 E088 Hepatitis & the Valley

Hepatitis An inflammation of the liver Acute hepatitis is less than six months. Chronic is greater than six months Causes Viruses Hep A Hep B Hep C He...
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