Pile Of Fit

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The official podcast of Nela Crossfit Eagle Rock, in Los Angeles. More than just Crossfit and workouts, we dive into everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

New Year, New Us

It's a new year, and Coach Chevy joins Justin in the studio to talk about all the new stuff going on... and the difficulty of getting back into the sw...
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Whitney Overcomes the Darkness

Whitney Cline has been a regular at our gym for years, but aside from her strength and impeccable fashion, many of us don't know much about her. In th...
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24. A Life Wes Ordinary

We wrap up our deep dives into the show hosts by burrowing deep into Wes Mendelson, a guy who normally offers a kind smile but doesn't share much. Tur...
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23. Old Justin Was Kinda Fitty

Last month we did Paul, but this time the interviewer has become the interviewee. It's Justin's turn in the hot seat, and he pulls no punches in talki...
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Paul Digs Up Some FIt

We all know Paul, but do we REALLY know Paul? In this episode we do a deep dive into Paul Austad's past, his childhood in Minnesota, what brought him ...
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20. Unpacking My Fit

Coach Day Ortega (and her daughter/sidekick Dejah) stop by the podcast to talk about her own "path to wellness," and her new program to help keep othe...
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