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Pincount is a tech podcast not afraid of the details. We're not just users, we're computer scientists and developers. Join us for half an hour each fortnight to get into the detail on new tech and speculate about what might be next.

Episode 33 - A Pink Velvet Shark

Followup Benchmarks of Memcached on multiple SSDs EC2 Graviton benchmarks - Phoronix Some DL problems are intractable 7nm Complete Coffee Lake CPU li...
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Episode 29 - Total Donkey

More ARM on servers Cloudfront rewrite image processing using NEON to beat out Intel equivalent HN discussion Anandtech Thunder X2 review Homebrew su...
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Episode 28 - Taking a Baby

Nvidia GTC 2018 Quadro GV100 - Anandtech V100 32GB - Anandtech NVSwitch and DGX-2 - Anandtech More Intel 8th Gen Core CPUs Anandtech overview Mobile ...
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Episode 26 - The Three is Silent

CGP Grey How Machines Learn How Machines Really Learn Titan V Deep Learning Benchmarks EC2 P3 Instances Turning Design Mockups into Code with Deep Le...
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Episode 25 - Prime Nonsense

FU Intel Xeon Skylake SP Tensorflow Light to support Core ML ONNX Version 1.0 Toshiba sampling UFS 2.1 Universal Flash Storage Qualcomm Centriq 2400 ...
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