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Pixie Purls 19 - Knitting Mojo

Episode 19 - Knitting Mojo Related Links: twitter.com flickr.com Ravelry Pixie Purls Ravelry Group Fancie Pants LaLaLa An Abundance of Lisa Knitting N...
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Pixie Purls 18 - Baby Baby Baby

Episode 18 - Baby Baby Baby Related Links: Ribbed Baby Jacket Knit Underwear Pattern (Free!) Ravelry Project Link Country Kiddie Pattern Right-click a...
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Pixie Purls 17 - 2007 Here We Are

Episode 17 - 2007 Here We Are Related Links: Knit Fendi Bag Stash Knitting 2007 UFO Content Salina FO Clapotis still going strong Cool stitch markers ...
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Pixie Purls 15 - Wake Up!

Episode 15 - Wake Up! Related Links: Digital Copyright Knitting Controversy - Fall Knitty & Suss Yarns ">Knitting Controversy - Sarah's Yarns & Tilli ...
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Pixie Purls 14 - Men Who Knit

Episode 14 - Men Who Knit Knitting Related Links: Wendy Knits Toe Up Sock Chart Creator 2006 KAL's Hallowig KAL Simple Knitted Bodice KAL Lime & Viole...
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Pixie Purls 13 - It's Coming

Episode 13 - It's Coming Knitting Related Links: Knitting interviews and articles Whipup.net - crafty! ">You Knit What retires Cashmere Controversy St...
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Pixie Purls 12 - Spin Spin Sugar

Episode 12 - Spin Spin Sugar The audio changes a tad in the middle because my USB hard drive ate the middle segment and I had to re-record it the next...
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Pixie Purls 11 - Tequila Tank Top

Episode 11 - Tequila Tank Top Blog & Pattern Spotlight: Chic Knits Website Spotlight: Jimmy Beans Wool Knitting Pure & Simple (Very bottom pattern) Ri...
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