Please Send Help!

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Comedians Andrew Mercado and Justin Marquez experiment with the podcast form by recording in unconventional places, but their tinkering soon goes awry when every single attempt at an episode is foiled as they are thrust into a near-death situation that threatens their livelihoods. Don’t worry, though. It’s not real. This is actually a narrative podcast. There’s discussions about religion, psychedelics, and the paranormal, among other philosophical and weird topics, and every single conversation is punctuated with a dire threat looming in the background. In other words, this podcast flies off the rails at every turn. It’s goofy, it’s completely insane, and you might learn something in the midst of the chaos.

Episode 21

Andrew and Justin crash through the ceiling of the Oval Office and encounter Donald Trump’s fat stupid body sleeping on a couch, and that’s just the b...
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Episode 17: Reality Detour 3

Andrew and Justin take a break from the normal sequence of episodes to try and have an honest discourse about a movement that has by now spread across...
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Ep. 16: Please Send Kelp? Part 1

Andrew and Justin escape the alien spaceship, but their escape pod crashes into the middle of the ocean, where they find the lost city of Atlantis, wh...
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