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Hey folks, I know you all know the weird little secrets your town hides and I'm here to expose them! I hope you all enjoy these hidden stories from the deeps of the darkest corners of towns around Washington State! For more information about me and the podcast head to and of course listeners thank you!


Thank you all for listening! If you like any of my stuff please go to and click support deltro and become a patreon! Help us out in any...
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#003 News Flash Ocean Shores WA

The Cribeast is a mystical creature that is said to roam the lands of Ocean Shores WA. For more on this creature and to support this audio podcast hea...
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#002 Baring WA The Marsh Hag

Take a peak into this small town, explore the unknown of Baring WA!! This track was written by @ZTh3T3ch and Recorded by @Deltromusic. Sound effects s...
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#001 Curse Of GOLDBAR

Hey folks this is the first episode of PNWeird. Here we go to Goldbar WA and well a guy named john tells us of his monstrous encounter with a beast of...
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