Pod Appétit: A Bon Appétit Fancast

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Love Bon Appétit's YouTube channel? So do we! Join four culinarily curious friends as we recap and recreate everything Bon Appétit serves up.

Nadiya Bakes - Part 6: Potluck

It’s time to make Nadiya’s bakes! To close out our season on Nadiya Bakes, we each prepared a recipe from the show. Come join our virtual potluck with...
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Nadiya Bakes - Part 5: Digest

We’ve watched all of Nadiya Bakes, which means it’s time to chew over what we thought of the season! In this episode, we discuss our favorite bakes, N...
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Stump Sohla - Part 7: Potluck

We’ve taken on a cooking challenge of our own! Minus the game-show-style wheel. To wrap up our season on Stump Sohla, we each made a dish inspired by ...
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Stump Sohla - Part 6: Digest

We’ve made our way through all of Stump Sohla! Now it’s time to talk about what we thought of the series as a whole. In this episode, we share what we...
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