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This is a show about anything and everything. We laugh at our own jokes. We swear. We cry. We drink. We read your hate mail. We're just a group of dudes trying to make up compelling content. Join the conversation: https://fb.com/poddamnit

Ep. 18: The Pearl "Nickless"

Our hearts are heavy and we're sad today because we're without Nick. He didn't die or anything (thankfully), but he's not in this episode. We try to g...
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Ep. 17: The Therapy Session

Taking a cue from the last episode's success, the guys break it down and talk about a very serious topic: mental health. Kanye West most definitely ha...
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Ep. 16: Bad Shaped Person

In this episode, the guys talk about the Connor McGregor travesty, Tesla, and some games. Find us and like us on Facebook! https://fb.com/poddamnit
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Ep. 15: Where's the Beef?

The guys talk about the state of sports in Tampa. Would the Rays do better if they were somewhere else? Also,they discuss the recent grilling that Emi...
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Ep. 14: Palate Cleanser

Let's cleanse ourselves from all this political stuff going on... The guys talk about songs that bring them back to a certain time/age, and Nick gives...
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Ep. 13: Chicken Pot Pie

Disclaimer: We don't talk about chicken pot pie anywhere in this episode. Not once. Or... do we? Listen and prove us wrong. We talk about the recent F...
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Ep. 12: You Need This

The entire population of the United States depends on this episode doing well -- will you do your part? This is our once-in-a-blue moon political epis...
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Ep. 11: The Difference Between

The guys have an in depth conversation about the music culture that exists today and the differences between the bands of yesterday. Also, does anyone...
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Ep. 10: Tech Talk

On this episode, the guys talk about cutting the cord... is it some new thing that people do to keep their newborn babies fed, or is it something dark...
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Ep. 9: The Great Debate

The guys talk about McGreggor's return to the boxing arena and discuss who the best wide receiver is. Plus, they create fire with a new chopped ‘n scr...
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