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Fascinating stories from psychology and neuroscience

The Case of the Lemon-Fresh Crook

Did you hear the one about the bank robber who thought it would help to squeeze lemons in his eyes right before his crime? The psychologist David Dunn...
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Regarding Henry

This is the story of patient H.M., a polite man without a memory, and the brilliant but often overlooked scientist who put him on the map.
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A Holy Trinity

What happens when you put three delusional men, all of whom believe that they're Jesus Christ, in the same room? In the late 1950s, a psychologist at ...
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The Dreams of Otto Loewi

About a century ago, a scientist had a dream in which he devised an experiment. He forgot the dream the next morning, but it still managed to win him ...
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The Blind Soldier

The working title for this week's episode was "Hitler's Hysteria," which I liked for it's alliteration. The term hysteria is generally frowned upon no...
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Living With False Prophets

This week, I talk about the doomsday religion that social psychology Leon Festinger studied in the 1950s. His studies led him to develop his theory of...
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A Lucky Drug Discovery

This week, I talk about the chain of events that lead to the serendipitous discovery of valproic acid. Valproic acid is one of the key ingredients in ...
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Berger’s Brain Mirror

This week's podcast tells the story of Hans Berger, a German scientist during the first half of the 20th century. Berger (which a German speaking frie...
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