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A reformed church for Toledo, Ohio

The Biblical Office of King

Our own Martin Rossol covered a lot of ground, or maybe provided a 30,000 foot view of “Kingship” in the Bible, mostly focused in the Old Testament, b...
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The Ultimate Statistic

What statistic does no one what to be part of, but we all will be? Death. God doesn’t shy from the brutal truth: as a consequence of sin, everyone is ...
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Walk In The Spirit – Part 1

In this first of a multi-part sermon series based in Galatians 5, Randy Meyer sets the foundation for some teaching on becoming more Christ-like in ou...
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Our All Sufficient Shepherd

1 Peter is an epistle, a letter, that speaks to believers who are experiencing “tough times” of some kind. Suffering? Persecution? We are unclear the ...
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In Our Father’s Space

For “Father’s Day” pastor Mike takes us in a direction perhaps you may not have expected. Our Heavenly Father is everywhere so we actually cannot esca...
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The King Sends Out Emissaries

Do you know what the word “gospeling” means? Maybe more basic is: Have you ever heard the word “gospeling”? Martin Rossol will help you out if you lis...
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Puzzle Pieces of Providence

King Solomon was the wisest man whoever lived. That is what the Bible says. He tried everything to find the most joy and pleasure in life. His researc...
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