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One Caregiver’s Call to Action

This week’s guest describes her time as a caregiver as dark and difficult. Listen as Lisa Zawrotny recounts her experience caring for her mother with ...
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Are You Ready for a Side Hustle?

In this episode of Lessons in Savvy Living, host Sia Knight interviews someone who knows how to juggle motherhood, marriage, and several business vent...
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From Nurse to Patient

During this global pandemic, many are thinking about the front line workers – health care providers. Heather Thatcher is a former ICU nurse who found ...
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Busting Common Miscarriage Myths

The pain and loneliness that accompany miscarriage can make it a time of pain and isolation. This episode’s guest, Sariah Fouladi, wants to remove the...
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Motherhood After 40

The average age for first-time mothers is increasing steadily with age at first birth up from 24.9 years in 2000 to 26.3 years in 2014. Motherhood aft...
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Overcoming Medical Trauma

Imagine having two children with life-threatening allergies. During this episode of Lessons in Savvy Living, guest McKenna Hydrick talks about her exp...
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Dealing with a Chronic Illness

For some people, pain, fatigue, and uncertainty is an everyday part of life. Join host Sia Knight as she interviews Michelle Stephens, a woman dealing...
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