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FMWT-088 Doing vs. Being

Doing is easier that being. Doing is quantifiable. We can measure our productivity in a big promotion, a cleaner house, a better report card or a bigg...
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FMWT-087 Married and Lonely

Why is it that so many married people feel alone and lonely? They feel like they are living together separately. No love, no kisses, no sex, no commun...
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FMWT-086 It Only Takes One

I have always been impressed with the power in the number one. It only takes one person, one kind word, one thought, or one good deed to change the wo...
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FMWT-085 We Celebrate

A few months ago, Diane and I had a very busy weekend. We celebrated the baptism of a niece’s son. We celebrated the lives of a husband and wife who ....
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FGG-084 Girls with Purple Hair

As I approached the scene, I couldn’t help but notice that cars were swerving to avoid the driver, who lay in pain in the middle of the street, and hi...
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FMWT-083 That’s Not Who You Are

As I sat there, a male technician came out to the waiting room and in a loud clear voice said, “The colon cancer!” He repeated himself, “which one of ...
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FMWT-082 The Devil on My Shoulder

I remembered as a kid the cartoon that depicted the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The devil is whispering in one ear and the angel ...
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FMWT-081 30 Days to Live

What if you only had one month to live? What would you do if the doctor said to get your affairs in order in the next 30 days? How would ...
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