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Variant Frequencies was a monthly podcast of original fiction. Stories blending gothic horror with space adventure, dark fantasy with sci-fi, recalling the reality-bending vibes of The Twilight Zone, and offering something wholly unique that fits inbetween and outside. Our podcasts are fully produced, including talented voice actors and original music scores. Subscription is free. Entertainment and escapism are guaranteed.


I’m a guest narrator on Pseudopod 228: Flash On The Borderlands VII. I narrated the story “Hunting” by Kirsty Logan. “There was only one inner door, s...
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The Encroacher

This is a special live recording from Balticon 44. Recorded on May 30, 2010 *** Written by Jonathan C. Gillespie Narrated by Rick Stringer & Michael S...
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A World Made of Wax

This is a special live recording from Balticon 44. Recorded on May 28, 2010. On Sunday May 30, we will be recording our final episode at Balticon 44. ...
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Noah’s Temple

In the far future, the last leader of a reviled messianic religious order explores her faith as she struggles to save the planet from an apocalypse. *...
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Dead Hunt by Kenn Crawford

We have a special treat for you. A few months back, Kenn Crawford was looking for voices for his new podiobook, “Dead Hunt.” I agreed to do one of tho...
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Survivor Guilt

A wounded man finds himself driven underground, into the purgatory of tunnels that honneycomb the ruined earth. Battling for a life he knows he’s alre...
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A Real Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve. Private detective, Dan Taylor is contemplating his past and his future, or lack of one. Then a potential client comes to his door....
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