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Poddities the podcast is a podcast where we take your user submitted podcast ideas for bad podcasts and make a podcast.

Dicebags 12: Dummy Thicc

We're back with episode 12 of Dicebags and we're feeling dummy thicc today. We've got an exciting and exhilarating episode for you.    http://traffic....
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Dicebags 11: The Horse Episode

Here Is the horse episode everyone has been waiting for. We FINALLY meet the most important character in this entire DND podcast! Clopheim! Hellabore ...
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Dicebags 7: The Tower Part 2

  http://podditiespodcast.libsyn.com/dicebags-8-the-tower-part-2   Join Sundar, Drift, Hellabore,and Clodheim as they go down to the bottom of the tow...
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